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Lets Get Ready To Ramshackle!

If you have ever participated in another banger rally then you’ll find Ramshackle refreshingly different. If you haven’t – then this is certainly the one to start with! It’s the birthplace of lunacy and the epitome of oddness where nothing ordinary is tolerated

Proudly the most imitated rallies on the European circuit, Ramshackle have been sending brave Ramshacklers off into the European countryside on hair brain missions since 2006. We're the real deal baby! So.. what are you waiting for? Get yourself a Ramshackle posse, find a suitably inappropriate means of transport and sign up for 1500 miles worth of high jinx Ramshackle style.


Ramshackle Bucharest 2015

20th - 25th August 2015

To celebrate 10 years of Ramshackling we are celebrating with the launch of a new route to Bucharest. The dates have been released and tickets are now on sale.

10 years on, 100,000’s of miles driven across Europe, 4,000 Veteran Ramshacklers, over 15 countries explored, Ramshackle Rally Bucharest 2015 is the latest arrow in our quiver and is no doubt going to be one to remember!

Teams will visit two European capital cities, transverse mountains, screech past count Draculas castle in Transylvania. Also complete the stunning 90Km Transfagarasan highway, the newly crowned “best driving road in the world”, in Romania. This is all completed over 5 days stretched across 1,600 miles in the usual £250 car limit…

Ramshackle Munich 2015

17th - 22nd September 2015

After an epic 2014 how could we not head over to Munich again? The dates have been released for Ramshackle Munich 2015 and tickets are now on .

Our Munich route takes in the best bits of all of our other fantastic routes. This 5 day adventure is yours for the making. The cities we visit are amongst the best in Europe, the mountain passes are amongst the toughest and the scenery you'll encounter en-route is second to none. With 1500 miles of blood sweat and beers under your belt, what better way to end off than finishing within ordering distance of the world famous Oktoberfest.

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