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2015 Lets Get Ready To Ramshackle!

If you have ever participated in another banger rally then you’ll find Ramshackle refreshingly different. If you haven’t – then this is certainly the one to start with! It’s the birthplace of lunacy and the epitome of oddness where nothing ordinary is tolerated

Proudly the most imitated rallies on the European circuit, Ramshackle have been sending brave Ramshacklers off into the European countryside on hair brain missions since 2005. We're the real deal baby! So.. what are you waiting for? Get yourself a Ramshackle posse, find a suitably inappropriate means of transport and sign up for 1500 miles worth of high jinx Ramshackle style.

NEW ROUTE 2015 !!!! - Dates and info to be released shortly for Rally

Ramshackle Munich 2015 - Dates to be released shortly for Munich Rally

2014 Ramshackle Rally Season

Phew... what a journey. With 2014 under our belts now and tucked away far from the reaches of most Ramshacklers memories, its time for the elves at Ramshackle HQ to get to work on the 2015 madness...

Tickets will be on sale for 2015 soon... in the meantime ...

You can visit each of the individual rallies sites by clicking the tabs on the right but here's a quick low down on the 2014 routes:

Ramshackle Pamplona Ramshackle Krakow Ramshackle Valencia Ramshackle Split Ramshackle Munich 2011 Sleeping Is Cheating
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